Hello everyone,

I currently drive a (991.2) 911S with 7 sp manual transmission. The car is perfectly balanced super fun to drive, not overpowered. The 7 sp manual is not the best manual out there but I keep the car out of 7th and just pretend it is a 6! I like the car a lot. It's maybe too perfect though, just dutifully does whatever is asked of it. I can run errands, go for a road trip, zip in canyons and car has never had a single reliability issue. I've been intrigued by the AM Vantage and a couple of weeks ago I took for a test drive. I was impressed. The auto didn't bother me. I enjoyed the paddles. I could feel a lot more "hooliganism" in the rear. The car just seemed more spirited. I've read a ton of reviews. I don't agree with the styling consensus at all. I think the Vantage looks great. I'd go for a real color and all leather interior (no alcantara).

I'm wondering if the Vantage is a car I could use daily. I live in Central Coast area of California and only endure traffic when I go to L.A. Is the new Vantage reliable enough for 6000 miles a year? I live 90 miles from the closest dealer/ service. I do ask myself how patient I will be if the car suffers from niggles or worse and can't just drop it by for a fix. That said I like the car's personality a lot. My other option is to grab a 911 GT3 touring and just go with that long term. I've also driven and love the transmission (6 sp manual). The obvious answer is to just get the GT3 but something keeps pulling me to the Aston. I've owned a lot of 911s but never an Aston. Maybe I'll like? I'd love any thoughts/ opinions.

Thank you!